I want to coo and kiss You like aves wings take heavenly eternal trigonometric sexy flight so angelic in your dress so white. Your heart a treasure your love a prize heaven’s eternal fire holy magical and miraculous light Sancta Perpetual in your eyes of arcing light beautifully concertos I say I do Love you woman absolutely!!


Just a glimpse of how beautifully she is the most amazing woman of pure boundless love- love I can conceive of simply enshrining easily holy arcing brilliance always on an infinite tangent of love.


Tears of Joy my Love that could be wondrous ardent absolutely. Atop a World on Yonder Stars echoing the Love we are.


Jubilation Of She - her love so Eternal how else to yearn for something extra vernal? In a glorious heavens arching she rests like she her heart is marching on and on for God praising ecstatically!!


"On Holy Rainstorms" Haiku

On Holy Rainstorms
Lightning Flashes Love You Girl
I Rejoice Again!! xoxoxo


Resurrection as in Practice of Christly Principles in One’s Life

Noblesse Oblige
God’s Love is you Noel and Caroling is Holy Sancta Perpetual of Canonical Canonology to Possess as One’s Intellectual Property Intellectuals - For there is no Reasoning more Holy than God’s Love of Religious Freedom and Constancy of Love in Sancta Perpetual Amen of Peace— Those of Humanity who Actively Love Willfully Rejoice in Heavens Light!! Let there be Light and there was Light—- This is Faith and Faithful is Jerusalem—- Yarah Shalom —- A Beacon of Faith for All Humanity Perpetual Sancta Perpetua Amen! #BeaconofConstancyisGod’sLoveofChristlySanctaPerpetuais PerpetualAmen Words of God’s ChristlyHolyLikeFranciscan and God’s PerpetualWorkonthisGod’sHeavenlySanctaPerpetualBeaconCanonologyofAmenliketheCanonizationofSaintlySplendorinHolyHeavensSacredDoctrinesandtheseBeaconsthatShineinOurBlessedMemmoryYarahShalomMiraculpusSanctificationofJudeoChristianity!!!

"The Four Seasons"

Pretty Cheer Sex is in Her Eyes! A Glamorous Model of a Maestro of Crystalline Kaleidoscopic Kalos that is Everfull! Like a breeze through Autumn leaves that come with a Spring simply rest as the world stops Winter and Exponentially Radiate in Summer Sunshine!

Leif Calson A.I. Skye Wettemann

USC 18 2257.

#cheerleading #hellcats #gymnastics #78Violet #Violets O Cheerleading Marti Perkins hellcat sexing shaking workin’ flying through the air arabesque like Ariel a world of Atlantan Love.

@taylorswift13 #romanceaswifty Analog I need to just let sparks fly from your smile instead of LED lights and Christmas gnomes in a fan-faire take away the pain. Let the lights go down and let us shut the f*ck up. The only lights I want to see go wild are the ones in our rainstorm from tears of joy in a perfect summer melodic hypnotic gaze of yours girl I can’t wait to stay stay stay and play play play anyway that we can come what may you’re a heroine in the starlight and a Goddess in my Wildest Fantasy and I see you Fearless in Love but Falling in Love every time I catch your glance and our hearts prance in sweet synchronicity ever the silky smooth you like lavenders of arias fine blonde and flawless and i can only say you look beautiful, and I know you know sexy blue sexy forever you Taylor Alison Swift glowy and snowy in the starlight symphonies that seem to frolic in your fiesta!! #poetryyouupprincess xoxoxo

69: “I Can Be” “Falling in Love”


Women be like Nike® that “Just do it”™ is my vagina’s f*cking jingle!!

So Workaholic
Pussy Lips Poppin’ II
F*cking Orgasmic!!

@GirlsyCaballos: #Starlighters “Getting Bookish like it’s Boobs” 📚 💖(o) (o)

#Insomniatics “let feelings show” #violets #78violet

**ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
11/6/13, 2:40 PM
You can be my Avatar and we can go so Sexy Far
#ForeverIsNotLongLongEnough #ToShowHowMuchICare
Sexy Fearless I know

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
11/11/13, 12:08 PM
My Soubrette Go From Zero to Satisfaction Faster Than DirectHer Says Action: She Exudes My Reaction In Accommodating Successive Contraction

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
11/7/13, 7:46 AM
I’m Educated in Soubrettes Yes And in Her Song She Will Dress And Undress For The Grand Promenade ;)

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
11/7/13, 7:08 AM
Even if Your Love is Seasonal
You are my Favorite Sexy Season Woman
Your Seasons are Kaleidoscopic
And That Beauty Showers Rain of Joy 4Me

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
11/6/13, 2:40 PM
You can be my Avatar and we can go so Sexy Far
#ForeverIsNotLongLongEnough #ToShowHowMuchICare
Sexy Fearless I know

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
11/5/13, 10:39 PM
For Peace Sweet Teasing Hair
Ever Fair Because That’s How Equality So Oft Met
It’s Paramour So Heaven Sent &
Bounce & Blush & Rush Amori

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
11/5/13, 9:03 PM
Via Tenderness To Bliss This Kiss
Tenerezza e Tenerezze Togetherness Is Such A Hot Mess And
In Vast Memory Miss Infinity Adore Thee xxoo ;)

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
10/31/13, 4:13 PM
Her Self Blossomed Like A Multifaceted Soubrette And What She Held To Heaven In Her Heart Was Heard By Every One Poetess Prism. #Her #She 🙏

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
10/25/13, 3:16 PM
#TableTalk Moving at Angles Similar To Her Movement— We Dance In Perfect Attunement #movementdance #dance 🔆🔅🔆 #Swifties Peace :)

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
10/18/13, 7:59 AM
What ya gon’ to do with all that space, all that space inside the place Imma gon’ rock the bass, rock the bass to outerspace! -Like”MyHumps”

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
10/17/13, 4:29 PM
Gain MoMentum, take infInIty for a reSst in a timely maNner- back to GraVitas- I’m not always poetic but when I am it’s often LegenDary! :)

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
10/13/13, 1:23 PM
#romance #meditative When You’ve seen her eyes, her face, her curves and it’s even the thought of Her❣ - Th❣nking of You❣ - Le❣f ☮ ☯

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
10/12/13, 6:00 PM
Iwanta☮ of “transparentbrownsugar” so you know it’s “Sexy To Me” 🎧#jojo #didsomeonesaysugar #toamuseyouihope #makingsensetome xoxo- Le❣f ☮ ☯

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
10/12/13, 5:26 PM
Remember: If you’re “going to put a ring on it” do it before Frodo takes a “wrecking ball” to that thing! #Beyonce #Smilers #LOTR #rhymetime

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
10/12/13, 5:32 AM
#ilovewhen You hear that favorite song by a male artist sung by beautifully 😇 angelic female voice(s)😇 -often A Capella ❗️- Le❣f ☮ ☯

ᒪEIᖴ WETTEᗰᗩᑎᑎ :Le❣f (@LeifNamah)
10/10/13, 7:52 AM
Baby where’d ya get that twixen from? (Repeat) I got her from my twitter (repeat) if she does Yoga I’ll be Yotta-Yogic with her! (Yotta=8)☮


USC 18 2257.

#78Violet #promo #VS

Cherries So Fresh Poppin’ Pussy in the Springtime Girls on my mind: such fine women to bend and bed!!

#VS #Covergirl #Loreal #Rimmel #Poetry #Sexuality #VictoriaSecretSport #Panties #Bikinis #Cheekies #Thongs #Sensuality #PantyParty

She’s like it’s a struggle to love me- I’m like that’s BDSM try to feel how soft those panties are on you- your boobs are like that- what’s your bra size again- you know there must be some party coming up that you like ;) xoxoxo


Like a Cyclone: Exactly ;) , :) high school musical cyclone go nessa!! ftw #hsm #hsm3 ** #Tizzies #Violets #hellcats #VS #covergirl #loreal #rimmel #artisticgymnastics #olympics ** xoxoxoxo
xxxooo, xoxoxoxo

I seem to have forgotten my panties— can you remember to get me some!?!

Love Y’all ;) , :)


Sometimes I be like just take off whatever you’re wearing and f*ck me please woman!! Lol xoxoxo

USC 18 2257.

ComedyWidget6⃣9⃣ (@ComedyWidget69)
5/27/14, 2:13 PM
Plz “take it off” @StripperGenius PS whatcha wearing :p like “Nudity 👙 Ditty Drum 🎵She is Coo”🎨!! 📡📯💄❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️🎠💚💎⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

ComedyWidget6⃣9⃣ (@ComedyWidget69)
5/27/14, 3:40 PM
You and me Baby ain’t nothing but mammals so let’s @DunkinDonuts @Cheesecake on the @DiscoveryEd @weatherchannel Getting @1HeatherRene Now!